I think I know what to do with this blog!

I like compartments.  I have like 20 email addresses and they are all specific to a certain thing. For years I’ve been trying to decide what to do with this domain.  I’ve owned rjdesmond.com for about 8 years and in those 8 years it’s morphed, many times.  I tried to make it a fitness journal,

Boundary Waters 2018!!!

I’ve been fortunate to visit the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA or BW) a few times over the past few years, sometimes solo, sometimes I take a friend.  Once I tried to take my dog, but she hated being in the canoe. The BWCA is a pristine wilderness area.  There are designated campsites to


I’ve resigned from my position with the High School. There were many reasons to do it, and although I will miss the girls, I feel better now.   I may end up posting personal updates, or I may let this die, or something I haven’t even thought of yet.  But there won’t be any soccer

I hate girls soccer!

Click bait?  Totally. As sports go, I LOVE girls soccer.  I love the NWSL more than MLS.  I love the USWNT way more than the USMNT.  I wish I could watch more FAWSL games, but I do actually enjoy the Premier League more than all other games. But Girls Soccer, as a season, and how

9 week season + 24 games = Injuries

It seems insane to me that in a 9 week (regular) season, our Athletic Association allows for players to play 24 games. 24 games in 54 playable days (must have 1 day off).  So, if my mathing is good, that’s 1 game every 2.625 days.  Teams that max these games are getting 1 day off

Assume Good Intentions

  Coaches, we do a lot. We are held accountable to our directors for wins and losses, how many kids play at the next level, for those of us in schools we have to push for high GPAs.  As the players get older, we have to answer for their conduct on and off the field.


In 2017 we upgraded from the spreadsheets to FitFor90 and the improvement in reporting was amazing.  The app was much easier to use for both the girls, and for me.  FitFor90 is also on the pricey side, not that it’s not worth it, but at $400 / team / season this can also be a

Players First Coaching

When I first started coaching U13 boys at a local club I was not a good coach.  Not at all. I thought I was.  I was 12 years into a career in the Army and thought I was the be-all in developing anyone to fight and win at all costs.  I yelled at Refs.  Played