What do you want?

wdyw_001While at work I typically have youtube playing, sometimes I focus on the content, sometimes I get caught up working and let the autoplay just go.

Today it was just playing.  I don’t even know how what was on, but one of the guys said “What do you WANT?”

For some reason I perked up, and focused on the video.  It was some guy going by the name Gary V.  He was asking this of a young man who was interviewing Gary about how he succeeded.  Now I don’t know who Gary is, or what he’s succeeded in doing, but he’s apparently a big deal.



I almost immediately tuned him back out and wrote these questions on my notepad:

“What do you want?”
“What is blocking you?”
“What is REALLY blocking you?”
“What can you do right now?”
“What’s stopping you?”

I started working again, but “What do you want?” just kept pinging off my brain all day.  It’s easy to throw out answers…  wdyw_002

“I want a bigger house, larger bank account, world peace, feed the hungry, etc…” But none of this seemed, authentic.  What do I want?



I told my coach about this, and she said I did know what I wanted.  I’m sure I do, but I am not ready to say that I know it yet…  So she recommended that I write down everything I want, big or small, “impossible” or easy in my journal.  She’s quite a coach!  So I’m going to brainstorm tonight, tomorrow, all weekend, for the whole month, and try to hone in on what it is.  I want a specific tangible goal, regardless of the difficulty.  I want to be able to be Laser Focused on that goal.  I already have goals that I find difficult to focus on.

My current goal is to be 220 pounds, run my next duathlon with a 8-8:30 min mile pace, and meet my Varsity fitness standards of run 1.5 miles in under 12 minutes, complete 10 120 yard sprints in under 6:50, and hit the 13.1 level on the yo-yo intermittent recovery test.
These are tangible, and a step on my road to being more fit.

But what do I REALLY want?  wdyw_003

Right now I want to have the financial security to focus on my family, wood working, and coaching.  But this is too generic.  Does this mean I want a bank account of $1m?  more?  A youtube channel about coaching or woodworking that will pay enough to live on?   I have to figure out what I want.

It reminds me of a post I wrote on my work blog about saving for your sunny day (inspired by this Ted talk by Jay Demerit).

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